FOSDEM, third report - the Perl booth!

The Perl booth, maintained by Ann Barcomb, El-Che, Gabor, Liz and Wendy, did exceptionally well! More than 20 copies of the Modern Perl book were sold, all copies of Perl Moderne (an original french Modern Perl book, written by Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni, Philippe "BooK" Bruhat, Jérôme Quelin and Dancer core developer Damien "dams" Krotkine) were sold, over 300 tuits were distributed, and plenty of information flyers. This took a lot of work and dedication by those that maintained the booth.

It is a good example of why it is important to come to these meetings. An average room has between 70-200 people. That's a lot for a single room! The booth saw, met and spoke to roughly 800 people!! When have you ever seen such high numbers? An amazing effort that was able to market (or "spread", or "discuss", or "outreach", or "promote", or "inform", or whichever expression you prefer to use) and showcase Perl to people.

I hope to attend many more conferences, and I do intend to attend the next FOSDEM.

And well done to all those who helped out in the booth! You did one hell of a job!!

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