Dancer release codename "Silence of the ambs" is...

...already out for a while now! :)

Dealing with personal issues this past month, I couldn't find the time nor motivation to blog. It's not that things aren't happening, they are, at a pretty serious pace. We've already released Dancer 1.3030 (codename "Silence of the ambs"), named after Alberto Simões, who has become a major force in the Dancer community. You can read the release notes here.

Yesterday I released RC1 for a new release, named after - you guessed it! - another member of the Dancer community. We haven't revealed who it is yet, but I can safely say that he has contributed to Dancer in various ways (code, articles, cleanups) and is always very pleasant and fun to work with. We have tremendous respect for him and always wanted to express it, and unfortunately naming the next release after him is the only way of which we could think! :)

Following this release (hopefully officially stable to be released this weekend), we will work on another release with a pretty huge change. While the release will be named after a Dancer core developer, credit should (and will also) go to JT Smith for relentlessly pushing the feature the release will carry.

Oh yeah, and you can now use Dancer on!

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Sorry about the personal issues. Hope they are behind you. Dancer is great.

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