Yet Another Tel Aviv Perl Mongers Meeting Report

I have virtually (and somewhat physically) disappeared for a few good months, whether it was from the development community or from friends. I've needed a break from stuff, from planet Earth.

One of the things I had the privilege of doing upon returning to the surface is to organize our next Tel Aviv Perl Mongers ( meeting. I was fortunate enough to have the help of Shlomi Fish and Gabor Szabo. I also had the pleasure of having Erez Schatz and Ido Kanner stepping up and offering to do a few talks!

2011-11-30 22.07.21-15.jpg

Ido's talk is available online.

You can read Shlomi's report and Erez also mentions in his last post.

We haven't had a meeting in a while (ah, those religious holidays come a-knockin') and I thought we weren't going to get any attendance but Gabor and Shlomi were very persistent in spreading the message and I got to see a lot of awesome people I really missed (Dotan Dimet, Ynon Perek, Meir Kriheli, Ran Eilam, to name a few) and hear some good talks. I was successful at convincing Erez to make his DBIC talk more interesting than a regular employees example and we got a quick glimpse at how a dog-run office looks like. Scary! :)

There was a lot of chatter and laughs and projector issues (caused by the university tech team not aware of our time-table) and afterwards we went to a small joint to share coffee, tea, salads and whatnot while talking about any issue that came around, whether it was religion, zionism and atheism (yes, we actually *discuss* these issues!) or how to annoy drivers when you're on your bike and they almost run you over (RanEilam++).

I want to thank all those involved with helping organize and hold the event. It meant a lot to me!

2011-11-30 22.07.32-15.jpg


We're organizing a workshop in Israel on February 28th. We're gonna have some great guests (you're invited!!) and we hope to get some funding to help whoever we can (but we can't promise anything yet, sorry). Contact Gabor or myself for details.

We're looking for sponsors and people to give talks. Don't make me hurt you! :)

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