Perl interface to LDTP testing library

Gabor Szabo realized that it's very easy to dare me to do things and then making them available for Perl. I'm somewhat like Marty in Back to the Future - "I am not chicken!"

So, now we have LDTP. However, it needs your help. What is LDTP you ask? Good question!

LDTP (Linux Desktop Testing Project) is a library that allows you to easily write tests for GUI applications. This is tremendously useful for us in order to test applications like Padre. However, there was no Perl interface for it... until now.

I have written and uploaded an implementation of the majority of LDTP on my Github account.

Why did I not release to CPAN yet? It's still missing three major issues:
1. Finishing implementation for the few functions still missing. For some there is no reference implementation in other languages and this needs some researching.
2. Writing tests and testing to see that the code actually works. I've done neither of these.
3. There is no documentation at all for the module I wrote.

So this is where you come in. I'm willing to provide free unlimited commit bits to anyone that cares to add/change/document/test anything in the project. Hit me up with a request, get the commit bit, ask questions and help out in any way you can.

Please, help us see this through!

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