Yanick Champoux joins Dancer core team

I'm pleased and excited to announce that Yanick Champoux has joined the Dancer core team.

We've all been lucky, both in the Perl community and the Dancer community, to enjoy the fruits of Yanick's labor, whether its in his numerous contributions to Perl modules (and Perl core) but also for his humorous and insightful blog posts. And yes, he is also that charming in person!

Yanick is in charge of some big changes in Dancer (such as the megasplat feature) and we're honored to have Yanick on the team and know it will help propel Dancer - and mainly Dancer 2 - forward.



Go Yanick! I have met him in person, so I can attest to his charm. He is quite an asset to the Perl community. Congrats!

I can't say how honored, humbled and excited by this... mostly because I can't stop squealing like a whole school bus of little girls on their way to Pony-Land long enough. ^.^

Once the squealing abates a little bit, I'll probably write something a little more posed. But for the time being, I just wanted to say 'thanks', and to solemnly promise to do my best such that this day will never come to be known as "What Were We Thinking?" day for the Dance Crew.

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