A pumpking is born

As some of you might have heard, Ricardo Signes had stepped down from the role of Perl Pumpking. He passed on that role to me.

I have written the following message to Perl 5 Porters, and I think it seems apt to provide it at large to the community here:

("group" in this context is the Perl 5 core development group: p5p.)

It's very hard for me to summarize what I think or how I feel about this. I'm deeply honored by the trust instilled in me by both Ricardo and the group. This means a lot and I intend to work hard to justify it.

I'm still getting to grips with what this role entails. I have a lot of emails to read, quite a few to write. Releases will continue as planned. I hope to make the process even easier. I hope to introduce more people to the guts of Perl and have more hands on board. I also fully intend to continue releasing the p5p summaries, possibly even more regularly.

For what it's worth, I have no great plans when it comes to changes to the Perl core. Some people are afraid that since Ricardo is stepping down and a less-experienced person is stepping up, things will hang and items might stall. Others are afraid that now everything will change because my head was mostly in higher-churn code and I might not see the possible risks. I want to clarify that my role will be centered in allowing and making it easier for others to work, have discussions, and reach decisions.

Given that, I also hope to receive the help of the group in doing this. My technical abilities fall short of countless many and I trust in the knowledge and experience of my peers. My social skill could use a bit of help too. :)

One thing I will continue to maintain is the civility of the list, making it a place on which we can have technical conversations without worrying about abusive language or behavior.

That's all I have for now, and thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.

Sawyer. <3



Many congratulations. I think you're an excellent choice for the role.

Congrats, glad they went with my recommendation (ok, it might not have been my recommendation, but your abilities that actually helped them make the decision).

Congratulations man! A fantastic choice by whoever makes these decisions, Perl continues on in the hands of those who love it :)

Good job, to Ricardo for a tough job well done, and wishing you all the best for a tough job to come! Know that the rest of us (population-of-world-minus-pumpking) appreciate your combined efforts every day, even if we don't say so every day.

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