NetworkManager att login

Just got Kubuntu installed on my laptop. It's not bad but the panel locks up when I login to ATT wifi at Starbucks until I goto a browser and submit their online agreement. This behavior is a bit annoying so decided to try to automate the form submission with WWW::Mechanize. The script is very simple but seems to work so I decided to post it here for anyone else with similar issues.
Comments welcome.

a VIPs YAPC::NA 2010 notes

YAPC::NA 2010 Technology Overview

I am new to the Perl community. This is an overview of the the technology I found interesting in the talks I attended at YAPC::NA 2010


Why a blog?

This is the first blog post I have ever written. Mostly I've not written anything based on fear. Fear that I'm not good enough to post anything out into the aether. 3 years ago I left the programming industry thinking I would never return. In that time I've learned some hard life lessons, the foremost of these lessons is that fear is like a fly trap, it keeps you stuck. So I am making 2010 the year to be fearless. I hope you will all join me and make your first blog post on Look for more posts from this, now community aware, Perl…