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GSoC: I need your ideas

However to do that we need a stack of ideas of projects, modlues or code for the students to look at and then choose. We need mentors to volunteer and we need people looking for students. We have a week to really flesh out the ideas page.

Currently the /users/shadowcat_mdk/2015/02/index.html

GSoC 2015

It's that time of year again when I will start the usual cajoling and pushing to find the Perl Communities presence for the Google Summer of Code. Yes, once again this is seemingly being done at the very last minute as busy volunteers are once again made busier and I fail to start the ball rolling early enough.[1] But heck this is Perl and Developers, deadlines are those things we like to hear go whoosh as they pass us by, am I right?[2]

However better late than a no-show at the sticky end of a wicket with the last pair riding a duck[3] and we do have the success of 2014 to build on w…

Fosdem 2015: It's Christmas!

Get Ready to Party!

If you are reading this and you didn't hear that Larry bit the bullet, rolled the dice, flipped the coin, shattered the space time continuum...breathe... then you really are going to get a shock.

Larry has announced that the Perl 6 Developers will attempt to make a development release of Version 1.0 of Perl 6.0 in time for his 61st Birthday this year and a Version 1.0 release by Christmas 2015.

So why do I say attempt?
Well it isn't as easy as promising, because we have a r…

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