GSoC: I need your ideas

As I mentioned in my last blog post it would be really great if we were to get into the Google Summer of Code for 2015. We had an extremely succesful 2014 and being a part of this event again would be good for the community and for Perl.

However to do that we need a stack of ideas of projects, modlues or code for the students to look at and then choose. We need mentors to volunteer and we need people looking for students. We have a week to really flesh out the ideas page.

Currently the ideas are on a wiki and you need to contact myself or Paul Johnson to be added as an editor. However if that seems to onerous, you can just add them to this Google Doc which has been set to freely edit.

So I need your help, I need people with ideas or plans to help improve Perl, a Perl project or library, a documentation project, or build a whole website for a project, tackle some fun features. Which means I need you.

Please spread the word, join the mailing list and get involved.


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