A Look at Finding Out-of-Date Files

A function for comparing the modification time of files to determine if a file is out of date with respect to its sources.

A Look at Finding Out-of-Date Files

A Look at Perl

Two new articles for my blog. The first is on creating a trim() function and its test. The second, is on creating a friendlier interface to Data::Dumper.

A Place for the Tests
A Look at Dumping

A Look at Conditional Compiling of Diagnostics

Is it possible to have conditionally compiled diagnostics in your script and to ensure they don't get printed in production?

Yes, it is.

A Look At My Utility Library

I am creating a utility module and will be posting about it on my blog.

A Look at Cartesian Products

A new post in my blog about Cartesian products.

Problem: You have a number of sets and you want all the combinations when choosing one element from each set.

In mathematics, these combinations are called the Cartesian products. They are also known as cross-products. In the database world, they are sometimes called cross-joins.