Useful CPAN Modules

I have recently installed perl-5.16.0 using perlbrew and have begun adding CPAN modules. Here is some of them that I find most useful. Would you add any to the list?

  • JSON
  • YAML
  • List::MoreUtils
  • Readonly
  • Regexp::Common
  • Data::Alias
  • Text::CSV
  • Text::CSV_XS


I wouldn't have Readonly on that list. Use something like Const::Fast instead. I did a review of modules for defining constants, which explains why:

I'd add DBI and the template toolkit to the list.

App::cpanminus - simplified installer
DateTime - comprehensive date/time module
IPC::Run3 - instead of "system" or backticks
DBI/DBD::SQLite - for simple databases
JSON::XS - much faster JSON
Template - reliable, documented templating system

Just cpanminus :)

Dist::Zilla (Complicated, but worth the learning curve if you write a fair amount of modules. I'm still a n00b with it, and I'm already finding it to be far superior to Module::Starter)
Catalyst and/or Dancer and/or Mojolicious (if you do web development)
Chart::Clicker (Also a bit of a learning curve involved, but I've come to prefer it over R's graphs)

Task::Kensho is one of the first things I install - it pulls in lots of useful modules.

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