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Announcement: the App-Notifier CPAN Distributions

I would like to announce two new CPAN distributions of mine: App-Notifier-Service and App-Notifier-Client. These are derived from a few simplistic scripts I've written in shell and Perl, to allow me to notify when a task has finished (e.g: make ; finish-client) or a certain time has elapsed (e.g: sleep 240 ; finish-client), and I decided to create something more serious as CPAN modules.

App-Notifier-Service implements an HTTP service (usi…

What's new on the Perl Beginners' Site

The last update on the news feed for The Perl Beginners's site was almost a year ago. While the site continued to improve, I neglected writing a new entry until now, so I hope this one will compensate for that.

So without further ado, here is what is new:

  1. We now have a page about Perl Humour, which was restored from a page in the now offline perl.net.au wiki.

  2. Also originally from that wiki is the Freenode's #…

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