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The last update on the news feed for The Perl Beginners's site was almost a year ago. While the site continued to improve, I neglected writing a new entry until now, so I hope this one will compensate for that.

So without further ado, here is what is new:

  1. We now have a page about Perl Humour, which was restored from a page in the now offline perl.net.au wiki.

  2. Also originally from that wiki is the Freenode's #perl channel Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) List, which is well worth a read.

  3. Another restored page is the list of CPAN Wrappers for Distributions.

  4. We added a page about web automation in Perl, and one about manipulating files and directories.

  5. The Perl on Windows page was enhanced with new links to Strawberry Perl and DWIM Perl.

  6. We have a new page about Perl Training Providers, which currently only contains a link to the Perl Training Directory.

  7. The "Perl Elements to Avoid" page contains many new entries.

  8. Our mirror of the book Modern Perl by chromatic was updated to its latest edition.

We hope you find these additions useful or enlightening.


That's a lot of goodness, Shlomi. Thanks for keeping it up.

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