Are roles only semantically different from inheritance?

I've been using roles lately and was going to write about them on However I've come into difficulty in explaining how roles are functionally different from inheritance.

I've found that the typical features described about roles in contrast to inheritance are:

  • Avoid complex inheritance hierarchies

  • Better encapsulation and code re-use by focusing on "does" over "is"

  • Enforce polymorphism through "requires"

The difficulty I'm finding is that all of these features can be provided though inheritan…

NYC Tech Meetup - Code Crew @ Alley NYC

Last Sunday I went to Code Crew's Collaborative Coding meetup.

The event takes place every Sunday at Alley NYC. The midtown venue is a shared office space open between 12-4pm with room for 100+ hackers, power, wifi and kitchen facilities. A youngish crowd and a relaxed, friendly vibe, there are no presentations or planned activities - just turn up and hack solo or chat with people and code together. Most people I met were budding Ruby programmers from a local college. I really enjoyed it and will be heading back there fr…

WWW::betfair - a Perl API for the World's largest betting exchange

Recently I released version 1.00 of WWW::betfair. It provides an OO Perl Programming interface to the betfair API.

betfair is a sports betting services provider best known for hosting the largest sports betting exchange in the world. The sports betting exchange works like a marketplace: betfair provides an anonymous platform for individuals to offer and take bets on sports events at a certain price and size; it is the ebay of betting. Unfortunately betfair is not available in all countries /var/www/users/sillymoose/index.html

Common reasons a module won't install

Hi All,

Everyone knows how frustrating it can be to try and fail to install a Perl module. I'm writing an article that will help people troubleshoot the common causes of a module not installing. I've made a list below but have I missed any common installation issues that you've experienced?

  • Unmet Perl dependency (cannot find module in @INC)
  • Unmet C library dependency
  • Perl version not high enough
  • Wrong permissions
  • Broken module
  • Incompatible Operating System
  • Perl not compiled… - a new Perl website

I've started a new Perl website at Through the website I'm publishing articles on all things Perl such as basic syntax guides, quick tips and tricks and community related news / profiles.

The site has been up for a f…