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I've started a new Perl website at Through the website I'm publishing articles on all things Perl such as basic syntax guides, quick tips and tricks and community related news / profiles.

The site has been up for a few weeks and there are 19 articles so far. Check it out - I'd really like to hear any feedback or criticisms you have of the site. Particularly any suggestions on the style of the site, and ways to improve the programming examples.

If you would like to publish your own article via the site or have an idea for an article, please email me.

Edit: the site is powered by Catalyst and DBIx::Class using Template Toolkit.

Thanks !


You should have an RSS feed.

The site has no RSS feed, thus making it impossible for me to follow.

There is no such thing as DBIx - plase update your post.

Does the site receive comments? For example, I'd like to post one for : testing against $> instead of $

Darn, MT eats my comment. Testing against $EFFECTIVE_USER_ID instead of $REAL_USER_ID is sometimes more apt.

What Alex said. Not having an RSS feed means people need to remember to visit your site. Ain't gonna happen, unfortunately.

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