German Perlworkshop 2015 - next week

The German Perlworkshop takes place next week, Wednesday to Friday, May 6th - 8th, 2015 in Dresden, Germany.

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Perl QA Hackathon 2015

Last post - the post that hurts the most.

It's been a while that I blogged. Yet, it's a tradition now to write my report about the Perl QA hackathon as probably the last one of the attendees. The 2015 edition of the Perl QA hackathon was a lot of fun. I'm one of the less visible guys there so I want to give some visibility into my work.

My topic is benchmarking.

Benchmarking the Perl 5 interpreter.

Over the years, I narrowed down that topic beginning with the problem statement over several steps: the search for workloads, the creation of a framework for executi…

A late Perl QA Hackathon 2012 post scriptum

First post, the post that hurts the most. Well ... not ... but still in time before the y2k12-maya-bug triggers.

I am late in writing this summary about my hackathon but it fits the prolongation style I exercised this time. I had quite a slow start as I found it difficult to flush my overfull @work mindset and resume my open source projects. I used my flight delay to carefully prepare a TODO list which finally helped on that flush'n'resume exercise.
So what did I do?
My pet project is benchmarking Perl. There I have one major problem:

  • The visible benchmarks a…


For some weeks I now have my Perl benchmarking ready.

It is a whole little infrastructure, based on Tapper and Codespeed, an own not regularly updated CPAN mirror (to keep dependencies stable), and a dedicated benchmark machine.

One server ( is running the Tapper result database, the Tapper website, the codespeed graph rendering website and the CPAN mirro…

Perl QA Hackathon 2011 - Day 3

Too bad I need to leave so early.

I made progress on setting up my preferred applications "Tapper" and "Codespeed":

I configured them, played around with them, injected example values, etc.

Besides that I had some progress with SpamAssassin. After
accessing the repo (using git-svn) I found an ok looking version
3.3.2 waiting there that passes all tests on Perl 5.12.3. I volunteered in spamass…

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