Perl::Formance at Perl Toolchain Summit 2019

Finally I could attend the Perl Toolchain Summit again.

As often in the last years I worked on the Benchmark::Perl::Formance toolchain.

The major achievement in this Perl Toolchain Summit was to wrap up the separate major components together under a common umbrella (App::Benchmark::Perl::Formance::Supertool), so it is easier approachable when setting up a new environment or actually running and evaluating benchmarks.

This allows to create a whole overall performance history of Perl5 releases based on a current snapshot of CPAN. Tracking current blead performance is possible as well, though not actively exercised by me right now.

The overall vision can be found on my earlier YAPC::Europe slide decks:

In a couple of days I should have new reliable benchmark results uploaded at

For now, here is a current snapshot with preliminary non-representative results taken with the benchmarks running in "fast mode", i.e., with much smaller datasets or iterations, and slightly disturbed with OS noise:

I will probably give a lightning talk about it at the upcoming PerlCon in Riga 2019.

Besides the actual numbers that still have to be computed, this wraps up the story I worked on throughout the last hackathons. Thanks to our sponsors to enable this work.

For the future, I might head over to regular blead performance tracking now, and/or picking up a Perl6 benchmark suite and integrate it to report and evaluate results here, too.

A big Thanks to the organizers, Neil Bowers, BooK, and to Wendy for providing us with food and shopping services. Everything felt so easy and smooth, it helped to focus on hacking completely.

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