What is Moe (a clarification)

So I have been avoiding talking in public about what Moe is, mostly because I would much rather spend my limited free time actually writing code rather than talking about code. But seeing it mentioned in a number of the Perl 7 discussions and often mischaracterized, I felt it was the time to say a little something.

The github description for Moe says this:

An -OFun prototype of an Ultra Modern Perl 5

And I recently pushed live a website for Moe which states simply:

Moe is a thought experiment to try and envision what Perl 5 might evolve into as a language and a runtime. It borrows much from Perl 6, but still aims to be true to its Perl 5 roots.

And that is all that it is (for now).

I am drawing my inspiration from the Pugs project in that Pugs was an experimental version of Perl 6 to help drive the language development forward, and I am trying to do the same thing with Perl 5.

Maybe it will work, maybe it won't, but we will never know unless we try.


Thanks, Stevan, that helps clarify a lot.

In the midnight hour
She want Moe, Moe, Moe!

With a rebel yell
She want Moe, Moe, Moe!

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