Reboot All The Things - My thoughts on this years YAPC::NA

There is an old saying that "distance makes the heart grow fonder", and watching Matt Trout talking at YAPC::NA this year filled me with the mixed emotions embodied within that saying. I am simultaneously sad that I was not there to correct Matt's swiss cheese memory of past events and happy that I wasn't around to witness his sad excuse for a beard. But alas, this blog post is about much more then Matt's physiology.

Nothing makes me miss all the wonderful folks in the Perl community as not being able to get to YAPC::NA. So while I have not yet watched all of the videos, I did watch the 6 (count them, six!!!) keynotes, and I wanted to just post about my impressions of them.

On prototyping in public ... the long version

I recently posted a quick update on the p5-mop project the other day, something I have been meaning to do for a long time. I am sure given the slow and often rocky progress of this project that many people have their doubts if will ever see the light of day, and to be quite honest, some days I found myself doubting it as well.

On prototyping in public ...

I really need to expand on this a little more, but for now this can serve as a status update on p5-mop.

mst: so, is -redux now "the last prototype" and p5-mop-XS "the current hopefully-not-just-a-prototype" ?
stevan: hehe
stevan: so here is the official line
stevan: p5-mop was the first (overly ambitious) prototype in which I ignored Perl and went my own way
stevan: Moe was my (somewhat child…

Status update on the p5 MOP project

As I was doing my daily check of, I noticed a recent post by Ovid in which he said ...

Of course, we also need the p5-mop, but that hasn't been touched in a while; I hope it's not dead.

... and that reminded me I really needed to write a blog post to update folks on the status of the p5-mop effort, so here goes.

On porting a Moose module

I have been meaning to write this post for a while, but between $work and getting sick I have not really had the brain capacity to do it. Being that I am still a little sick and $work is still busy, I am making no promises about the quality of this post.

In a previous blog post I mentioned that I was going to port my module Bread::Board to p5-mop which I managed to finish up about three weeks ago and then promised to write a post about my experience. Well better late then never, here is that post.

NOTE: if all the Bread::Board terminology gets tedious, skip down to the TL;DR at the end to read my conclusions.