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Perl first world problems #1

  • Some github users name their Perl repositories perl-*, some p5-*, yet some perl5-*. I can't decide.
  • I use cpanm all the type, but can't use tab completion because "cpan" exists. I can add aliases but have to do this on every system.
  • perlbrew takes too long compiling a new perl.
  • I used to be hip because I use Perl, not anymore.
  • I'm spoilt with optional semicolon in Ruby/Python/JavaScript, now I can't go back.
  • There are too many modules on CPAN (okay too obvious).

Indonesian names for software projects/products

Lately I've been choosing Indonesian names for my software projects/codenames, beginning with Sah, and then Rinci/Perinci, Riap, Serabi. Others will certainly follow. These names are words straight from the dictionary, but I plan to extend to proper nouns like island names (we have 17k+ of those!), characters from traditional stories, words from dialects (/users/steven_haryanto/2012/01/index.html

API design talks

For the past two days, I've been downloading Ruby conference talks from this wonderful site and watching them on my Samsung Galaxy S Wifi. I recommend all you guys to take a look too, lots and lots of videos there. I wish more Perl talks were available online and of similar recording/encoding quality, but I digress.

I am currently particularly interested in the API design talks. This one from Anthony Eden is one of the better ones: not too long, presents simple things t…

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