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For the past two days, I've been downloading Ruby conference talks from this wonderful site and watching them on my Samsung Galaxy S Wifi. I recommend all you guys to take a look too, lots and lots of videos there. I wish more Perl talks were available online and of similar recording/encoding quality, but I digress.

I am currently particularly interested in the API design talks. This one from Anthony Eden is one of the better ones: not too long, presents simple things to remember, and comes with concrete examples.

I dabbled a bit in Ruby a few years ago, but never knew that Ruby's Net::HTTP library is so whacky. I wonder why they didn't just copy the LWP interface, the way they also copied DBI's and several other Perl features. LWP has been doing the right thing since the 1990's. The more recent Ruby HTTP libraries like Typhoeus and Faraday are saner, and they mimick LWP to some significant extent. Too many "cute" names though, the slides got the Typhoeus name wrong BTW :)

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Thanks for the links. Interesting stuff imo.

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