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Mojocasts forthcoming

It's been several weeks since the first mojocast, and the response has been quite positive.

What started out as an excuse to use iMovie has turned into something useful and galvanizing. Especially encouraging are the comments from folks currently learning Perl; presenting n00b information in an easily consumable and pleasant manner solidifies new users' decisions that Perl is an excellent choice.

The second mojocast is forthcoming, delayed only by the process of moving; sleeping on couches en route has a negative effect on finding quiet l…

Mojocast #1 - Fun with clouds!

I've just recently released my first Perl-related screencast, Fun with clouds.

It details how to install and build your first Mojolicious web application. I'd like to create more, just let me know what Mojolicious-related topics you would like to hear about on http://mojocasts.com. The more feedback I get, the more I'll release.

Mojocast #1 Fun with clouds! fro…

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