YAPC::NA 2012: Mojolicious, swag, and pizzazz

The Intro to Mojolicious talk at YAPC::NA 2012 was a success!

One person came up afterwards and told me it was one of the most cogent talks at the conference. Awesome! I was definitely shooting for cogent. Someone else even mentioned that it was their favorite talk of the event, and that is indeed high praise for which I am truly grateful.

I put a lot of work into the flow of the presentation, intending for it to come across as much like a mojocast as possible. In watching the…

Mojolicious Full and Lite apps - understanding the difference

The mojocasts have thus far used lite apps exclusively to demonstrate basic Mojolicious functionality. This has led some to believe that Mojolicious is a one-file micro-framework; however, that is not the case.

Mojolicious a full-featured framework, supporting what some would call Catalyst-level deployments, in addition to one-file simple applications.

Mojolicious::Lite is a thin layer on top of the full framework - literally a 68-line module that provides Sin…

Mojocast #5: Mojo::UserAgent

Mojocast Monday brings you a high-level overview of Mojo::UserAgent, the client side of Mojolicious. DOM Walking, CSS selectors, and watching live requests are just a couple of the things you'll see.

Mojocast #5: Mojo::UserAgent

If this is your first exposure to mojocasts, you might want to start with the first episode.

Merry Christmas and Happy Unicorns!

Mojocast #4: Stash, Flash, and Sessions

It's Mojocast Monday, kids, which means a brand new Mojocast for your perusing pleasure.

Continuing to demonstrate Mojolicious::Lite, the Mojocasts are moving through Mojolicious basics, so newcomers can get up and running more quickly than ever (And dare I say it, have fun at the same time. *gasp*).

As the screencasts continue, you can bet your sweet ponycorn we'll be covering some of the more cutting-edge features, such as web-sockets and event-driven web apps.

For now, however, we have another installment to make sure those old and new can get started quickly with …

Mojocast #3: Authentication, Helpers, and Plugins

The response for Mojocast #2 was even more overwhelming than the first episode.

How overwhelming?

mojocast e2 #1 on hackernews.png

That's right, your upvotes matter. Within 6 minutes of posting, it was secured on the front page. Within 20 minutes, it was #1.

Consider the reality here: the most watched site on the internet by hackers/developers had a Perl-related post in the top spot. It remained …