Mojocasts forthcoming

It's been several weeks since the first mojocast, and the response has been quite positive.

What started out as an excuse to use iMovie has turned into something useful and galvanizing. Especially encouraging are the comments from folks currently learning Perl; presenting n00b information in an easily consumable and pleasant manner solidifies new users' decisions that Perl is an excellent choice.

The second mojocast is forthcoming, delayed only by the process of moving; sleeping on couches en route has a negative effect on finding quiet locations with decent acoustics, and girls always want attention when you're in their house. Go figure.

Never fear, though, the second mojocast is nearly complete.

Anyone who wants to contribute to its launch and the marketing of Perl through mojocasts, please contact me directly - via comments, email, or in the #mojo irc channel. The comments for the first episode indicate that even the Ruby folk are surprised and impressed with a taste of Modern Perl, so the more people that are onboard, the better; there's every reason to work together to make an impact on Perl's impression in the open source community as a whole.

Viva la revolución!


Nice casts. Good luck and keep rocking!

I look forward to more Mojocasts! :D

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