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The Making of Mojocasts

szabgab, who has quite a few screencasts, asked me to explain how I made the mojocasts.

Creating them has been quite the learning curve. My initial inspiration was Vimcasts, and although I don't have the hip accent, I figured I could put something interesting together for...something. It didn't take to long to settle on Perl and my preferred source of Perl unicorns, Mojolicious.

A Vimcast has a very cool, down-to-earth pr…

Mojocast #2 - More cloudy goodness

Mojocast #1 was a hit!

The first episode detailed how to install and get your first Mojolicious Lite app running, and the followup continues the process by explaining how to use multiple types of placeholders, http methods, and formats to give you more flexibility in your lite apps.

Mojocast #2: Placeholders, methods, and formats


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