May 2017 Archives at the Perl Toolchain Summit

Introducing the new way to grep CPAN:
My co-worker Nicholas and I were honored to be invited to attend the Perl Toolchain Summit in Lyon, France last week. It was a great experience for both of us.

Earlier this year, I needed to answer some questions being put to me by the toolchain gang about the scope of the problem of build/test/install without ="…

Reviewing Perl 5 . in @INC at the Perl Toolchain Summit

Location: Lyon, France
Attending: SawyerX, Merijn (Tux) Brand, Todd (toddr) Rinaldo, Nicolas (atoomic) Rochelemagne, Lee Johnson, Aaron (arc) Crane, Leon (leont) Timmermans, Matthew (alh) Horsfall, Kenichi (charsbar) Ishigaki, Graham (haarg) Knop, Karen (ether) Etheridge, Stefan (nine) Seifert, Aristotle

We met to discuss the recent changes to @INC for Perl 5.26.

A timeline and summary of CVE-2016-1238 was given to attendee…

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