at the Perl Toolchain Summit

Introducing the new way to grep CPAN:

My co-worker Nicholas and I were honored to be invited to attend the Perl Toolchain Summit in Lyon, France last week. It was a great experience for both of us.

Earlier this year, I needed to answer some questions being put to me by the toolchain gang about the scope of the problem of build/test/install without . in @INC. However, was down that day. Additionally I needed to be able to execute Makefile.PL on each distro and see what happened. I tried to do some simple walking using CPAN::Mini when I was done, I played around with putting the data in git so I could use tools like git grep. On a whim I uploaded it to github but found 2 problems: 1. You're not allowed to have files over 50MB. 2. github won't search repos with over a certain number of files. I worked around the problem and uploaded the repo.

After getting my invite to the Toolchain Summit, I thought this might be a good tool to shop around for a home. The metacpan folks were very gracious to offer it a home on day one of the conference so we were able to go from nothing to something in a very short window of time.

You can find the code here:

The code site is still very young. Many of the regexes aren't quite working correctly at the moment. You can report issues here.

Doing it local

There are about a million files in the checked out git repo that stores all of this data. This can be cumbersome to check out on your own drive. However a bare git repo is much smaller and takes up a mere 2GB (vs 12GB) of space:

git clone --bare

Once you've done this, you can grep the repo locally on your own system by doing:

git grep -i "the meaning of life" master

Happy grepping!

Thank you Perl Toolchain Summit 2017 Sponsors

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