Event::Lib is a binding to a libevent library. Its development stalled for about 7 years. Module doesn't build with new Perls (at least >= 5.16), and has a lot of open tickets in a RT CPAN queue. Looks like maintainer of module Tassilo von Parseval is not available via email. I have module Net::IEC104 which rely on Event::Lib, so I'd like to make new release of Event::Lib with fixes for any currently known issues to keep my module installable and functional. I'm making this post asking for permission.


That would be a wonderful undertaking, Vladimir! Would be a shame to let Event::Lib rot.

You may want to try AnyEvent (https://metacpan.org/pod/AnyEvent) instead. It is the best and can handle various event engines instead of tying your application to just a single event engine which is not being maintained. AnyEvent supports EV which uses libev which should work the same way as libevent.

There is a process to taking over modules on PAUSE, see https://pause.perl.org/pause/authenquery?ACTION=pause_04about#takeover

Personally i have not yet succeeded with it.

I'd suggest releasing 1.04 to CPAN straight away. As you're not the maintainer, it won't be officially indexed, so people won't be able to install it using:

cpan Event::Lib

Instead they'll need to install it like:

cpan CRUX/Event-Lib-1.04.tar.gz

Then, if you become maintainer later you can re-release as 1.05 and it will be indexed. Or if Tassilo von Parseval re-appears, he'll be able to pick up maintenance using your fixed version as a base for his next release.

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