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Our first sponsor: YAPC::Europe Foundation

When Anton Berezin announced that we hosts YAPC::EU 2012, he handed over a check for over 1,000 Euro from YAPC::Europe Foundation (YEF). Thanks to YEF for this kickstart donation.

YEF exists to promote Perl in Europe. They do this by supporting organisers - not only with donations like we recieved but the also help when organizers have questions about how to handle this or that. And they sponsor the online payment syste…

A blog for YAPC::EU 2012

YAPC::Europe 2011 is just over (thanks to the organisers for such a great event). We are already working on next year's YAPC::EU. We are happy to be elected to host the event in 2012 in Frankfurt/Main (Germany).

We will use this blog to keep you informed about our activities...

But who are we? We are the Frankfurt Perlmongers. We have our social meetings on the first Tuesday of a month at the ="…

About YAPC::Europe 2012

user-pic YAPC::EU 2012 blog about their activities wrt yapceu2012.