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YAPC::Europe 2011 is just over (thanks to the organisers for such a great event). We are already working on next year's YAPC::EU. We are happy to be elected to host the event in 2012 in Frankfurt/Main (Germany).

We will use this blog to keep you informed about our activities...

But who are we? We are the Frankfurt Perlmongers. We have our social meetings on the first Tuesday of a month at the MoschMosch noodle bar. As we have no tech meetings during the year, we organise a small workshop at the end of the year.

And we already organized the German Perl-Workshop in 2009 and this year's German Perl-Workshop. So the next step is to organise a YAPC::Europe.

We applied for this year's yapceu, but Riga was elected. And they did a fantastic job. About 300 people were in Riga to listen to many Perl talks, meet other people and have fun.

We decided to apply for 2012 again and we hope we can welcome at least as many people...

There is neither a venue nor a date we can announce, but as soon as possible we will publish these information on several channels.

If you have any questions please send an email: questions@yapc2012.de

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It was a great event, I got a lot of fun and made ​​many necessary and useful friends, everything was organized on the highest level, thanks

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