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Mojolicious::Plugin::AutoRoute - Mojolicious Plugin to create routes automatically

I release Mojolicious::Plugin::AutoRoute. This is plugin which create route automatically. You can create web application with only writing template. It is understandable if you think This is plugin which embbed PHP featre to Mojolicious.


Object::Simple - Simple class builder, Mojo::Base porting

Object::Simple is simple class builder, Mojo::Base porting. Mojo::Base is simple and useful, but This is a part of Mojolicious. I port it as single module.


  package Point;
  use Object::Simple -base;

has x => 1;
has y => 1;

package main;

my $point = Point->new;
print $point->x;


Generally speaking, You can write any program using single inheritance and delegation. If you want simple class builder, Object::Sim…

Compare Git repository viewer, "GitPrep" and "GitLab"

GitLab is widely used to view the git repository in a web browser.GitPrep is repository viewer I create lately.

Both are tools to visualize the remote Git repository, but I try to compare these features to understand these difference.Both are web applications that install GitHub system into into own server.

Features Comparison

Features△ Only repository browser…

Why Perl don't have pragma like -E option?

Perl one-liner have -E option. This enable latest perl version.

    perl -E "say 'Hello'"

but perl don't have pragma like -E option.

I don't like syntax like use v5.18.

I want to write the following way.

    use latest;

and controll current perl version by environment variable. For example,


Japanese Perl comunity for newbie, Perl entrance.

I introduce Japanese activities, Perl entrance(Perl入学式, Perl Nyuugaku shiki)

Perl Entrance in Fukuoka(Public site)

Perl Entrance

This is perl community for Perl newbie by papix.Instructor teach perl introduction using slide.And there are several supporters. They support newbie.

I think it is important for young people to…

I am creating Perl tutorial site for newbie "Sampuru codo ni yoru perl nyuumon"

I am creating Perl tutorial for newbie "Sanpuru codo ni yoru perl nyuumon"(Perl Tutorial by code examples)

Sampuru codo ni yoru perl nyuumon

This is site for perl newbie.

I hear that perl is dirty, not cool, very loose. Ruby is good, python is good.
But Perl is good language.
Perl have ability to write code clean and beatutiful.

For example, Mojolicious have clean code.
This is perl.

The big reason perl is said dirty is perl very old code wh…

How to create portable web application in Perl

How to create portable web application in Perl

I'm Yuki kimoto, Japanese perl programmer.

I like creating web application by perl.
I release GitPrep a few weeks ago.

This is very portable web application and inatallation is easy.
Requirement is only Perl 5.8.7.
What technology is used?
I explain a little.



cpanm is very good. cpanm can specify module version in cpanfile.

this is cpanfile.

    requires 'DBI', '== 1.625';
    requires 'DB…

GitPrep is git repository viewer on top of Perl and Mojolicious

I released GitPrep a few weeks ago.

GitPrep - Github clone. you can install portable github system into unix/linux.

This is github clone. you can install portable github system into unix/linux.

We konw gitweb.cgi, but this is a little difficult to use, and GitHub become defact standard.
User is happy to use GitHub interface when he create private repository on the server in company.

Perl and Mojolicious is great. GitPrep can work in both CGI and prefork built-in server and PSG…

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user-pic I'm Perl Programmer. I LOVE Perl. I want to contribute Perl community and Perl users.