Compare Git repository viewer, "GitPrep" and "GitLab"

GitLab is widely used to view the git repository in a web browser.GitPrep is repository viewer I create lately.

Both are tools to visualize the remote Git repository, but I try to compare these features to understand these difference.Both are web applications that install GitHub system into into own server.

Features Comparison

Features△ Only repository browser◎ Repository Browser + ticket + Wiki + other
Ease of installation◎ Need only Perl 5.8.7 or more△ Required environment Ruby 1.9 + Rails + MySQL of (or PostgreSQL)
OS○ Linux/Unix + Cygwin(Windows)△ Linux/Unix(maybe)
CGI○ Possible use of the CGI× Impossible
Development languagePerlRuby
Web frameworkMojoliciousRuby on Rails

GitPrep have  features that can be used in CGI and easy to install and small.GitLab have features that implement many useful features such as Wiki, tickets.

GitPrep support  Cygwin on Windows.You can also run GitPrep on Windows.

GitPrep is developed by Perl, GitLab is developed by Ruby. Web framework is, GitPrep is Mojolicious, Ruby is Ruby on Rails.


I'll dig into this.

I've been looking for an alternative to gitweb for local/internal use. Some other teams here are using GitLab but it has way more features than I need. Another option is Trac but it also has more features than the current group needs.

Thanks. I'll let you know my progress.


Looks really nice, we really don't need it, but it could be nice to put this at work.

We are using gitolite. It's easy to make it work with gitolite? I see it uses a dedicated user, what do you recommend for deployment with an exisiting gitolite installation (using the user "git")?

Very nice.


Is GitPrep more of a web repository browsing tool like e.g. gitweb ( Perl), cgit (in C) or Gitalist (Catalyst), or repository management / git-based software forge like Gitorious (Ruby), GitHub:FI (Ruby, proprietary) or InDefero (PHP)?

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