I try to use PDL::Stats, but Test failed.

I try to use PDL::Stats, but Test failed.
Reason is maybe same as the following




I got the same error. Because I prefer looking at the static version of cpantesters, I went to


and noticed that the tests were all passing in the latest "developer release". Anyway, the bug seems to be fixed in the developer version. Try this:

wget http://cpan.metacpan.org/authors/id/M/MA/MAGGIEXYZ/PDL-Stats-0.6.4_1.tar.gz

cpanm PDL-Stats-0.6.4_1.tar.gz

I got it to install.

PDL just released a new version that is not binary compatible with older PDLs. I suspect that Maggie hasn't uploaded the latest outside of a dev release. I also need to update PDL::Drawing::Prima for the new version of PDL.

Does Ben's suggestion work?

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