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Perl Reverse Dictionary/Array

I have translated "Perl Reverse Dictionary/Array".

Perl Reverse Dictionary/Array

Improve translation of some chapters of my Perl tutorial site 1

I am translating my Japanese Perl site to English.

I improve the quality of translation of the following contents.

1. Command Prompt
2. What is Perl?
3. Perl Installation
4. Master Perl Basic Syntax Quickly

GitPrep 1.4 is released - Add private repository and collaborator features

I released GitPrep 1.4 at 2013/10/09. You can install portable GitHub system into Unix / Linux easily. It is second major release.

Because you can install GitPrep into your own server, you can create users and repositories without limit. You can use GitPrep freely because GitPrep is free software. You can also install GitPrep into shared rental server.

GitPrep (Document and Repository)

Features added in 1.4 are:

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