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I start creating static perl

I started creating static perl. This is static typed and perlish language.

static perl - static typed and perlish language

My main activity is GitPrep this year. I plan to add issue system and wiki system. But I'm hangry. I want to do more about Perl.

Python has pypy. This is a static implementation of Python. Perl don't have yet tools like pypy.

In this mont…

FFI::Platypus is interesting. It seems like real FFI module for Perl 5.

FFI::Platypus is interesting. It seems like real FFI module for Perl 5.

FFI is foreign function interface. This is a little slow than XS, but you can call C/C++ library without C code.

I saw some FFI module for perl 5, FFI, or FFI::Raw, but not enough to create C extension flexibly.

FFI::Platypus seems like excelent module because you can call any C/C++ library using its features.


I try some example. All work well.

  use FFI::Pl…

I create "Perl Tweet Timeline News" Web site

I create "Perl Tweet Timeline News". This site picks tweets related to Perl.

This is originally Japanese site. I add English information to this.

Perl Tweet Timeline News

Why do you create this site?

I search Perl information everyday. I'm Japanese. But I don't know what web site write about Perl. I want the site which I can see Perl latest information.

Personal blog entry is very interesting. But personal don't have power of advertise. Many information by company hide these e…

GitPrep 2.0 is released - Support pull request and add good features

GitPrep 2.0 is released at 2016-5-7. GitPrep is portable clone of GitHub. GitPrep work on CGI and own server. GitPrep 2.0 is major version up. It supports Pull request.


Added features is that:

  • Support mail address. you can identify user by mail address.
  • Adding to user id, you can set user name.
  • you can set encoding, and diff option(which ignore space) at each project. If you write the setting in config file, you set these settings at project setting page. …

I write comment

I write comment at the following entries.

How about separating dynamic world and static world?

Current subroutine signatures implementation contains two features which purposes are different

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