I create "Perl Tweet Timeline News" Web site

I create "Perl Tweet Timeline News". This site picks tweets related to Perl.

This is originally Japanese site. I add English information to this.

Perl Tweet Timeline News

Why do you create this site?

I search Perl information everyday. I'm Japanese. But I don't know what web site write about Perl. I want the site which I can see Perl latest information.

Personal blog entry is very interesting. But personal don't have power of advertise. Many information by company hide these entries.

I want to read the good Perl entry written by good Perl programmer. I want to find good topics. If anyone don't read the entry, the entry is sad.

Please tweet about Perl for many people to be able to read you entry

"Perl Tweet Timeline news" pick the tweet which contains "perl" or "Perl". If you write your entry and tweet by using English, You inform people your entry through this site.


Just a thought, because I don't think the content returned via twitter is actually that useful.

What you could do... is search for the links and generate some content from them title, description ect. Majority of modern web sites(blogs) support some kind of meta information so should be relatively easy.

You would also then be able to remove duplicates of the same content.

Takes back previous comment, improvements.

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