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SPVM progress in 2017/08/17(SPVM have static typing and fast and easy to call function)

SPVM project is improved day by day. SPVM is the project which provide static type data structure to Perl, and improve the performance of numeric and array operation.

I start to write SPVM specification. Most of all are Perl syntax.

Latest change is the following.

0.0246 2017-08-17
  - array element is initialized by zero.
0.0245 2017-08-16
  - fix get object…

SPVM is now 6x faster than Perl 5.26.

I'm delovelping SPVM on GitHub. and I release SPVM on CPAN

SPVM is currently 6x faster than Perl 5.26.

SPVM is not another implementaion of Perl. SPVM is a language and you can call SPVM function from Perl. Installation is very easy. "cpan SPVM" or "cpanm SPVM".

Don't afraid not to run CPAN module. You can use any CPAN modules and use SPVM together.

  use FindBin;
  use lib "$FindBin::Bin/lib";

use SPVM 'MyModule2';

my $total …

Perl 5.28 boolean check become fast

Perl 5.28 boolean check become fast.

This branch contains about 50 commits, which collectively optimise various aspects of perl's behaviour when detailing with boolean values or ops that are called in boolean context.

various boolean-related optimisations - perl.git

Bencmark is very good!

   36 @  96.55% ..  99.99%
  245 @ 100.00% .. 100.99%
   28 @ 101.00% .. 109.99%
    7 @ 110.00% .. 119.99%
   10 @ 120.00% .. 129.99%
   29 @ 130.00% .. 199.…

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