SPVM is now 6x faster than Perl 5.26.

I'm delovelping SPVM on GitHub. and I release SPVM on CPAN

SPVM is currently 6x faster than Perl 5.26.

SPVM is not another implementaion of Perl. SPVM is a language and you can call SPVM function from Perl. Installation is very easy. "cpan SPVM" or "cpanm SPVM".

Don't afraid not to run CPAN module. You can use any CPAN modules and use SPVM together.

  use FindBin;
  use lib "$FindBin::Bin/lib";

use SPVM 'MyModule2';

my $total = SPVM::MyModule2::foo(3, 5);
print $total . "\n";

Module file

  # lib/SPVM/MyModule1.spvm
  package MyModule1 {
    has x : int;
    has y : int;

sub sum ($a : int, $b : int) : int {

my $total = $a + $b;

return $total;

# lib/SPVM/MyModule2.spvm
use MyModule1;
package MyModule2 {

sub foo ($a : int, $b : int) : int {

my $total = ($a * $b) + MyModule1::sum(2, 4);

return $total;

Currently SPVM is 6x faster than Perl 5.26. It will be 20x faster by using optimization and JIT. If so, SPVM will be revolution of Perl. You can process image, movie, signal, math, array operation, statics, AI, machine learning by Perl.

And You can use GPU, SIMD through dynamic link library easily.

I start to talk about SPVM on #perl11 on irc.perl.org

If you have question of SPVM, you can ask it on #perl11 irc channnel

I feel Perl is most flexible language in the world. Perl can hook compile time process and add a fast new language to Perl.


Will be watching your work with interest. Looking also to see if beyond speed what we can do to improve Perl's concurrency features (been using Futures.pm a lot lately and finding it and some of the ecosystem around it is very useful).

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