I want to display NA instead of UNKKONW in CPAN Testers

I want to display NA instead of UNKKONW in CPAN Testers.


If you konw the way, please tell me it.


Is this because your module doesn't work on a particular OS? If so, use Devel::AssertOS.

If your module doesn't work on older versions of Perl, put "use 5.010;" or similar in your module.

Both of these result in your module die'ing with a message that is recognised by CPAN Testers, resulting in an "NA".

More info can be found in the CPAN Authors Wiki: http://cpanwiki.grango.org/wiki/CPANAuthorNotes

Die inside your Makefile, doesn't have to be in a BEGIN block. For example if I wanted a module only to work for macOS then:

die "OS unsupported" unless $^O eq 'darwin';

Then decides to look at your link - Argument "8.0_beta" isn't numeric in numeric lt (

Only this exact message is recognized as NA. die "OS unsupported\n" Arbitrary error messages will result in UNKNOWN.

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