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  • Commented on Fixed 5.22 problems during my compiler port
    I agree with you having incompetent coworkers/whatever-fellow-open-source-developers-are-called is a big problem. As someone on the outside looking in, this situation really bugs me. Your work on cperl seems pretty awesome, but cperl would be even more awesome if it didn't...
  • Commented on What is your most used key on the command line?
    There is also Perinci::CmdLine, which is like Catalyst, but for command line applications. The features it has is insane. Check out Perinci's author's blog for loads of tutorials:
  • Commented on Nestoria Developer Blog
    Please add your developer blog to one of the perl blog aggregators such as or . As that's how I check out Perl blogs instead of using a RSS reader....
  • Commented on Trivial tools
    I copied and pasted some code from Pod::HtmlEasy's man page to create a simple p2h program to test how my pod would look on CPAN. There are other ways, but this one works ok. Manually opening the resulting page is...
  • Posted You Can't Test Everything, But At Least Test What's Important. to dly

    The key word being important. After releasing fetchware to CPAN, I got back CPAN Testers reports that had hundreds of given/when deprecation warnings.…

  • Posted Introducing Fetchware: package management for source code distributions. to dly

    Years ago when I was a linux noob, I loved to install software from source code instead of lame vendor packages. It was cool. And it followed naturally from using Slackware as my linux distro of choice as Slackware still has more of an old school Unix feel to it instead of easy to use Ubuntu…

  • Commented on My Perl Pitch to Students
    Frozen Bubble is written in Perl and SDL. It's even open source, and quite popular. I think it has packages available in most popular linux distributions.
  • Commented on Alien::Base Grant Report November
    You could add a Windows only dependency on Config::AutoConf, which implements some of Autoconf’s macros in pure perl.
  • Commented on Subroutine Signatures - my Plan (v.1)
    What about references? Could I do? sub foo(\%hash1, \%hash2, \@arr) {} Will it automatically turn calls like: foo(%hash1, %hash2, @arr); into: foo(\%hash1, \%hash2, \@arr); ??? Or will they just collapse into one list like perl does now? Perl has tons...
  • Commented on Design considerations for Alien::Base
    The easiest solution I can see is to just have make/Build install recompile the library again before installing them on Mac. That way make/Build compiles it to temp dir, and make/Build test tests it in that test dir. While make/Build...
  • Commented on Which Marpa distribution to use?
    I always just assumed that "Marpa" included Marpa::PP, but if just plain "Marpa" is some old, deprecated, unsupported code, I would recommend at the very least that you upload a new legacy "Marpa" release that tells everyone in its POD...
  • Commented on Suprisingly hard task of writing logs
    Your specific problem is really specific, because you're using log files to share data that can't get corrupted or incomplete. This is not what log files are usually used for that's why my last post was so off. I just...
  • Commented on Suprisingly hard task of writing logs
    You could also solve this problem the easiest by not caring what order they are written to the log file. You could even leave autoflush off to leave buffering on for better performance. All you'd have to do is include...
  • Commented on Perl and Parsing 8: The Where and Why of Rejection
    So, we should change the famous quote: "Only Perl can parse Perl." To: "Even Perl can't parse Perl."...
  • Commented on brian's 2011 Perl goals
    Brian, could you instead just include the updated chapters of Mastering Perl as more advanced chapters in Intermediate Perl? That way, I'd only have to buy two books. :)...
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  • Duncan commented on My Perl Pitch to Students


  • Ron Savage commented on Trivial tools

    After editing various files within a module (all under 'lib'), I check whether or not I should do a full build of a distro with


    find lib -name \*.pm -exec perl -Ilib -c {} \;

  • zengargoyle commented on Trivial tools

    tt -- talking timer. Takes a /bin/sleep timespec, or a /usr/bin/at timespec, and then a phrase to say via /usr/bin/espeak text-to-speech.
    tt '3m 30s' tea is ready
    tt -a 18:00 call mom

    wup -- wait for a host to go down and come back up, then send a desktop notification. So when I do a shutdown -r now on a remote machine, I can exit the SSH session and wup remotehost and go do something else while the server reboots.

    rfc1345 -- search the RFC1345 spec for …

  • Yary commented on Fixed 5.22 problems during my compiler port

    ++dly Thanks for the good description of mentoring vs. badgering. Alas, transferring skills is another layer of talent and effort on top of employing those skills. At the moment this split seems healthy for all, though I share your hope that these projects can eventually successfully combine forces.

  • Reini Urban commented on Fixed 5.22 problems during my compiler port

    You should all have not to deal with p5p anymore, as they are not able to maintain their product, are making the product worse and worse, are not able to provide basic new features which are outlined since 2002, are not able to manage and communicate, created a hostile and childish environment with multiple occurrences of name calling, while the one who called out the bullies got punished, drove everyone with a blink of competence away in the last 15 years and are not able to provide basic security for their product.

    And no, the problem will not go away with a new maintainer, the top…

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