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  • Leon Timmermans commented on Perl 7, not quite getting better yet

    Being a former bioinformatician myself, I can only concur it should work that way; but that's not how academic computing works today and it's unlikely that it will work that way tomorrow.

  • moritz commented on Perl 7, not quite getting better yet

    Smylers, another nugget to consider: Raku's "use DBI:from;" only work because Raku and Perl 5 have different library search paths (and methods, but that's secondary).

    If you plan to use the same search paths for mixed Perl 5 + 7 libraries, then the information about which language to use has to be in the module, not in the caller.

    Otherwise you run into weird issues where you have "use5 A::B" but "use7 A::C", and then A::B cannot upgrade to Perl 7, because all the callers still use "use5" to load it (whatever the syntax turns out to be). Also, you spread the knowledg…

  • Leon Timmermans commented on Perl 7, not quite getting better yet

    No apologies needed, but taking things to p5p may be a good idea indeed.

  • tnish commented on Perl 7, not quite getting better yet

    Can we just have a /usr/bin/perl-ng (for 'next gen', or any other cheesy suffix we can think of)? It doesn't take over /usr/bin/perl, we won't end up with multiple perl8, perl9, etc... And it still has "perl" in it. /usr/bin/perl-ng will be 7 and beyond, /usr/bin/perl will be 5.x. Distros can ship a perl 7+, and a perl 5.x. It will be annoying to remember adding -ng to perldoc, cpan, and a few others, but, seems like something we can get used to (I'd just use shell aliases or something).

  • George Magklaras commented on Perl 7, not quite getting better yet

    Nice article, I see most of your points. For the purposes of accuracy, however, you might like to correct what you say about Python3 and the Linux distros. Fedora (since Fedora 32 which is the latest stable) has switched to Python3 by default (and yes, this has upset many dev folk that were still relying on Python2). Gentoo (I think) has a compilable option to switch to Python3 and OpenMandriva has also ditched Python2. So, things are happening there.

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