OK, so I decided to hack in support for submitting CPAN testers reports into cpanminus. I've uploaded the result to CPAN in case anybody else wants to use it. After CPANPLUS and cpanminus, the logical name for it was cpantimes.

Here's how to use it...

  1. Install cpantimes using your current CPAN client. You will also want Test::Reporter and Test::Reporter::Transport::Metabase.
    $ cpanm App::cpantimes Test::Reporter Test::Reporter::Transport::Metabase
  2. Set up a Metabase profile. You will need this in order for your reports to be accepted by CPAN testers.
    $ metabase-profile
    $ mkdir $HOME/.cpantesters
    $ mv metabase_id.json $HOME/.cpantesters
    $ chmod 400 $HOME/.cpantesters/metabase_id.json
  3. Now just use cpant whenever you'd normally use cpanm. Test reports will be silently submitted every time you install a distribution. You can even set up a shell alias so that when you type cpanm you get cpantimes.

cpantimes is still at a very early stage of development. I literally started it yesterday evening. But have a play and let me know if you discover any bugs.


Why a fork?

Are you now going to sync up with cpanminus on every release? Wouldn't that be a hassle and error prone?

Thanks. That sounds really nifty. I shall give it a go shortly.

If Test::Reporter and Test::Reporter::Transport::Metabase are required, why not mark them as prereqs in App::cpantimes, so they get installed automatically?

Great job!
My two cents: the non-verbosity of cpantimes make it hard to figure out if it is actually working, so I'd mention as a debug aid.

This is really great!

Since cpanminus, one of the few reasons I still use at all is to send test reports for dists that unexpectedly fail.

Have you checked with miyagawa on getting this functionality into cpanm? Perhaps as a plugin? (I remember that cpanm was going to support plugins at one point but it looks like those plans were put aside some time ago)

It would be nice to also mention successfully sending a report.

It would be *very* useful indeed to print the URL of the submitted report.

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