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  • melezhik commented on jam - glue between pinto and scm

    Well, after all, I decided to choose "pjam", "jam" part is still here, and I like it, and "p" - is somehow connected with pinto. At least pjam gem is not reserved at

  • Laufeyjarson commented on A Perl CMS for the Masses, Part II

    Ironic isn't it that I'm running my blog, with many things Perly on it, in PHP isn't it?

    I think the improvement and release of the modernized v8 is a great idea, and hope you can get some traction on it.

    If money isn't forthcoming, would volunteers to help do the work help?

  • Buddy Burden commented on Kiss Kiss Shebang Shebang
    Doesn't carton solve this problems?

    No. Carton (and Pinto) deal with installing the exact modules you want. Getting them loaded into your Perl program is still your problem. :-)

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