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  • Toby Inkster commented on RFC: new API for Type::Params

    That is perhaps the best option.

  • Aristotle commented on RFC: new API for Type::Params

    I really dislike marketing/judgy terms like “modern” for this kind of thing. “Modern” conveys nothing about the interface, it’s just what someone thinks of it – or rather, thought of it at the time the term was assigned. Next time the API gets a facelift, what then? Postmodern? Hypermodern? What do you put in the documentation, “-modern is actually deprecated now”? Or do you – and perish the thought – break backcompat?

    It’s rather better to use descriptive terms that highlight some defining characteristic of the interface. In this particular case,…

  • Saif commented on Types, Objects, and Systems, Oh my!

    What an excellent thought provoking article, on yet another OOP paradigm. Nice work, Al.

  • Saif commented on Casting Perls before Splines

    Great to see two greats of the Perl world appreciating my distorted perspectives. If only Mrs Saif would...

  • Yuki Kimoto commented on Class::Plain - Class Syntax for Hash-Based Perl OO

    Matthew, thanks.

    I also like to see and write examples.

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