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    confuseAcat, I strongly disagree on your "typical noob" definition. As of my experience most of the people who start learning and using perl nowadays start with 5.14. And this relates both self-education or company workers I meet....
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    Generally speaking, error was using load_xml() method of LibXML() instead of load_html(), which is the right method for this case (I mentioned that in my post). So the error was rather in my head than in the code....
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    Two days ago I was so excited! I had an idea how to make the Perl world a bit better, faster and simpler. Of course, I didn’t spread such exciting news until I checked and double-checked and benchmarked, until I’m absolutely sure I’ve found The Holy Grail.

    Well, see the title. It hur…

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    Toby, thank you for your interest. I was thinking about the same in context of writing drop-in replacement for Web::Scraper, similar to Web::Scraper::LibXML for about 3 minutes and then rejected this idea. Again, this doesn’t mean that idea is bad....
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    Unfortunately, the idea contained fatal flaw. See the following post for explaantions.

    Once upon a time I faced a huge pile of HTML files which I had to analyze. Say, there were about 1 000 000 of the…

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    Last three months we have at least one social meeting each month. It's not standardized yet to exact day like 'first Thursday of month', but each next meeting attracts more people which is because increasing of social activity of...
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    Dear Perl community!

    I'm proud to say that today Sergey Gulko officially announced me as a leader of group. Thank you Sergey and my appreciation to all members of for approving me for this assignment and great support during debates and plan…

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    Thanks for your notes. As I can see on russian-spaking forums this issue already affected few users and was quickly solved thanks to your article....
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    Another tool to debug your Plack application is InteractiveDebugger

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    right you are... inprogress...
  • Posted Hello World in Plack to yko

    I'm was playing with PSGI spec and Plack last few days and found Debug middleware just amazing:

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  • Mithaldu commented on YAPCs, Perl workshops and Monger meetings

    This might be a piece of IRC culture, but lately complaining about an issue has been taken to be synonymous with "I volunteer!". This is mostly because often the ones complaining have more time than the actual maintainers and often do not realize that they can just resolve the issue by going ahead, making the change and sending a pull request.

    On that note, if this was only meant as ideas, please do add an entry or three to so it doesn't get lost. :)

  • krivine commented on Now you need LWP::Protocol::https

    Really useful, thanks. The 'quick and dirty' way has a typo though:


    $ua->ssl_opts( verify_hostname => 0 );

  • cafe01 commented on [FAILED] 10x faster than LibXML

    I have recently started contributing to Web::Query, a jQuery-like (as close as possible) for html scrapping and manipulation.

    Because its based on HTML::TreeBuilder/HTML::Element, its very slow, and some XPath queries are incredibly slow.

    So I would definitely use PugiXML!

    We need PugiXML and HTML::TreeBuilder::PugiXML as a drop-in replacement for HTML::TreeBuilder (like HTML::TreeBuilder::LibXML which if fully implemented, would also help a lot! :) ).

    Thank you!!

    - cafe

  • Ether commented on It's time to admit I've failed

    "If you realize that you aren't as wise today as you thought you were yesterday, you're wiser today." - Olin Miller

  • Matt Perry commented on Modules in core: who cares?

    It's a non-issue. Many Linux distros are already putting into a separate package. For example, I have to run "yum install perl-CGI" on RHEL and CentOS to install

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