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Dear Perl community!

I'm proud to say that today Sergey Gulko officially announced me as a leader of group. Thank you Sergey and my appreciation to all members of for approving me for this assignment and great support during debates and planning stage. Guys, you are great! Sergey I wish you a very good luck in all spheres of your personal and professional life. community exists since June 1, 2007 and until today was lead by Sergey Gulko. Our community is about 200 registered members. During past few years we had organized two Perl workshops called ‘Perl Mova’ together with This gave us an opportunity to meet Jonathan Worthington, Andrew Shitov, Alex Kapranoff and many other great people, collaborate and better know each other inside of the community.

I am happy that being a Perl monger brought me to know such seasoned professionals as Oleg Alistratov, Denis Zhdanov and Viacheslav Tykhanovskyi. I am learning a lot from them and I hope to learn more in future. I am absolutely sure that can be proud of its young and talented members as Sergey Zasenko, Maxim Vuets, their energy, enthusiasm and expectations is the best engine for our community.
And I’m sure this is only the beginning of growth.

I want to help Perl people collaborate, meet each other and spread their knowledge within local and whole world Perl community as well as to keep healthy and prosperous. I consider such activity to be my main task in capacity of pm group leader. I believe that combination of my communication and organizational skills and of course support of Kiev Perl Mongers community will help us to reach all seated goals.

If you want to get in touch with representative about local events, meetings or any other issues feel free to contact me via email

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