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    Hey all,

    Here's another update about the grant for revitalizing I'll start with an overview of what I wanted to achieve in the beginning, and where we got from there.

    When I started this process, I looked at the "mainstream" PearlBee version as a basis for the new b…

  • Posted What does a modern blog dashboard look like? to andrewalker

    Yesterday, I described how I had approached developing PearlBee by reworking the data models and writing tests. That worked fine until a point, where the pipeline of user interaction was fairly obvious.

    For example, it’s easy to write tests for a “reset password” feature. The user is…

  • Posted Revitalizing to andrewalker

    About a year ago, I submitted a grant proposal to TPF to revitalize this platform, It was supposed to have taken only a few months, but it's still not ready. In the meantime, I have been completely silent, at least publicly. What's going on? Is it ever going to be delivered?

  • Commented on What should be core in Perl 5.16?
    I find File::Util really useful, and would make sense if it was added to core. Moose would be also great....
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  • commented on What should be core in Perl 5.16?

    For core, I think we should really concentrate on the stuff that is hurting Perl:

    - OO. The boilerplate and the verbosity needed to write OO with bless feels not really Perl.
    => Moose.
    - Exception handling.
    => Try::Tiny
    - Threading
    => ???


  • Leon Timmermans commented on What should be core in Perl 5.16?

    I too agree with Elliot: let's not add too much to the core that isn't really close to the language. I'd like a MOP and better exception handling, but other than that we don't really need to add anything.

  • lajandy commented on What should be core in Perl 5.16?

    My knee-jerk reaction is "no more stuff in the core!" Core Perl 5 is already getting bloated to the point *nix distributors are considering removing it from default installs. But after reading over others' comments, I do think there are a few additions that merit discussion. Most importantly, adding some form of try/catch block ala Try::Tiny should be discussed, especially if it could be augmented by a basic exception class like Exception::Simple. The eval exception handling syntax is just too crufty and awkward to use. Just about all modern languages have some type of built-in…

  • Clayton Scott commented on What should be core in Perl 5.16?


    There are a large number of tools I'd like to use that have C client libraries and since my C is weak and my XS is weaker having ctypes in core would be quite awesome.

    But I would happily settle for it to be on CPAN.

    PS Thank you Reini Urban for picking up and running with the project.

  • educated_foo commented on What should be core in Perl 5.16?

    Ctypes is great in that it doesn't need a compiler, but using mutant pack codes for function prototypes seems like a bad idea. I would rather see something that parsed (a subset of) C function prototypes. Even more awesome would be something that demangled and parsed C++ function names to get the prototypes automatically.

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