Progress of grant

Hey all,

Here's another update about the grant for revitalizing I'll start with an overview of what I wanted to achieve in the beginning, and where we got from there.

When I started this process, I looked at the "mainstream" PearlBee version as a basis for the new, and also the previous grant work that had be done. They each had different issues, in my view. The former was pretty much unfinished and barely usable, and the latter was way too big in number of features and requirements. I aimed for something small and stable, with just what was need…

What does a modern blog dashboard look like?

Yesterday, I described how I had approached developing PearlBee by reworking the data models and writing tests. That worked fine until a point, where the pipeline of user interaction was fairly obvious.

For example, it’s easy to write tests for a “reset password” feature. The user is supposed to go to the login page, see a link to reset password, click that. They should then submit their email or username in a form, and get an email with a link to a reset password form. All pretty obvious, since we’ve all used that several times (at least until password managers became popular…


About a year ago, I submitted a grant proposal to TPF to revitalize this platform, It was supposed to have taken only a few months, but it's still not ready. In the meantime, I have been completely silent, at least publicly. What's going on? Is it ever going to be delivered?

Indeed, I should have started writing here months ago, with traditional timely updates on the developments on the grant. What discouraged me to do so was that these developments have been somewhat irregular. Some moments of uncertainty on the best course of action, and others of simply not being ab…