• Posted Elasticsearch Custom Scoring to Mateu

    Elasticsearch has a builtin scoring algorithm which works quite well in practice, but sometimes you want to roll your own scoring algorithm. Let's examine how to create a custom…

  • Posted Elasticsearch Token Filters to Mateu

    We recently saw an example of an elasticsearch token filter called the catalan_stemmer. The Catalan language has other token filters available:

    • catalan_stop
    • catalan_elision
  • Posted Elasticsearch Templates to Mateu

    When dealing with elasticearch, one has to consider how they want to manage the analysis of the content that is ingested. The use of templates is a way to ease this burden of managing analyzer settings. Let's learn by example...

    Catalan Stemmer

    Here's a template that defines an…

  • Posted Token - Elasticsearch Analyze API to Mateu

    Yesterday we looked at an example of how to both index and search using elasticsearch. Today, we'll talk a little about what takes place during indexing, particularly tokenization. For example, what…

  • Posted Un Exemple Senzill d'Elasticsearch to Mateu

    Un Exemple Senzill d'Elasticsearch

    Elasticsearch és un motor de cerca. Fem un petit exemple com es pot utilitzar-ho. Necessitem unes dades per cercar, per tant agafem unes receptes d'internet, gràcies a Un cop tenim les receptes, llavors les podem indexar en elasti…

  • Commented on GitHub is an amazing service that much of the Perl community has...
    It's also probably worth mentioning bitbucket. They support git and they have an advantage over github in that they provide private repos for free....
  • Posted grep in Perl - filter in Haskell to Mateu

    By using the the grep function in Perl, one can pick elements from a list that match a certain condition. Haskell uses the filter function to do the same work.

  • Posted Mojito Simply Does MojoMojo to Mateu

    I've been working on a document engine called Mojito. It supports a subset of the MojoMojo formatters. I was thinking it might be cool to see how my MojoMojo documents look like through the eye of Mojito. The idea being that I tap the documents in a MojoMojo store and render them with…

  • Posted Merging Hash to Mateu

    Cyber jacked ya, eh?

    Merge Hash

    sub merge_hash {
        my ($self, $precedent, $subordinate) = @_;
        my @not = grep !exists $precedent->{$_}, keys %{$subordinate};
        @{$precedent}{@not} = @{$subordinate}{@not};
        return $precedent;
  • Commented on Merging Hash
    Pardon the noise. This was mostly a test (with a does of sarcasm). I figured it needed at least some piece of code, and so I grabbed the closet snippet around. Yeah something like my %merged = (%subordinate, %precedent); would...
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