GitHub is an amazing service that much of the Perl community has...

GitHub is an amazing service that much of the Perl community has adopted, but there are still a few holdouts using their own git repos, Subversion, and even CVS. I’m here to tell you that other than writing tests, there’s very little you could do to improve your software development process more than moving your applications and modules to GitHub. It’s not just a hosted git repository. They back up your repos, provide collaboration and documentation tools. They even provide plugins for other repositories so that if you prefer to use Mercurial locally, you can still use GitHub. And if your app is open source, you host it with them for free! Make a new years resolution and switch to GitHub.

Here’s how they describe themselves:

GitHub is version control for software development and so much more. Whether it’s a weekend side project, your favorite open source library, a startup destined for glory, or your company’s app, GitHub helps everyone work together with tools for easier collaboration and more visibility. Check it out — open source is free! 

I’m pleased to announce that GitHub has decided to sponsor YAPC::NA 2012.


It's worth mentioning that if, like me, you just want a plain hosted git repository without the bells, whistles, and web-2.0-style RoundRects, there are other options., for example, gives you a plain repository for free.

I've heard of Just clicked it and now waiting for almost a minute the website finally loads. I'll stick with GitHub.

If all the bells and whistles of GitHub bother you you can still choose not to use them. The Wiki, issue tracker etc. can be disabled. In the end you still pull and push to a plain Git repository.

One if the biggest pro's of GitHub is the ease in forking and submitting a pull request.

It's also probably worth mentioning bitbucket. They support git and they have an advantage over github in that they provide private repos for free.

It's fast for me, but "slow website" doesn't get in the way of hosting a git repository, and pushing to that repo is speedy. Also, describes itself as "maintained by the admin team as a public service for the Git community," and I prefer to use a site not backed by a half-baked business plan and crazy Terms of Service. Legal full name required? One free account per person or "legal entity"? Termination at any time for any reason? Gimme a break.

Bitbucket sounds like a good option. Its terms are long and lawyerly, but seem less odious than Github's.

Very cool!!

Whether you like github or not, none of those other services that y'all have mentioned decided to sponsor YAPC::NA. It seems like awfully bad manners to be mentioning alternatives in the very thread that announces their contribution.

I love GitHub and use it for all my development. Check me out Thanks for sponsoring YAPC::NA, see you there!

I was pleasantly surprised to see Github on board as a sponsor. YAPC::NA 2012 is already shaping up very nicely. :)

@perldreamer: Well said.

Besides, for public git repos it shouldn't matter which one you choose. They're sort of like offsite-backups. I've so far used github, bitbucket, gitorious,, and it's just a matter of adding a couple of lines in your .git/config. But so far I'm most pleased with github (the attention to details in UI, the availability, the features). So go github!

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